Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec 20 and Dec 21 --Visit to Ishani's Aunt in Tezpur

On the evening of December 20th, we returned to Tezpur and stayed with Bhanti Pehi and her husband and son, Paul. Bhanti Pehi and her husband are both doctors and they work at the State Mental Hospital. They gave us a tour of the grounds and the library.

We stayed overnight with Bhanti Pehi's family, and then we visited the place where Ishani's father is currently stationed. He had to meet with his superior, so we spent the afternoon touring parks in Tezpur--Agnigarh Park (a place where couples meet) and Bishnu Rabha Memorial Park.

Ishani's dad ended up having to work most of the day, so we spent an extra night at Tezpur. That evening, we walked out onto the bed of the Brahmaputra River--which is dry during the winter and then we got some fish and made "burned fish."

We also met and were invited into the homes of two of the men who are drivers for Ishani's father. His main driver is a "man of steel" on the road. We loved meeting his wife, his egg-laying hen, and, later that day, one of his cows wandering the streets.

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