Monday, December 29, 2008

December 18--Elephant Safari

Early on the morning of December 18th, we went on an elephant safari in another part of Kaziranga National Park--the Kohora Range. These Indian Elephants (elephas maximus) have a wide range but are considered endangered due to poaching, habitat loss, and human conflict. The Asian Elephant is from two to four meters (7–12 feet) tall and weighs from 3,000–5,000 kilograms (6,500–11,000 pounds). These gentle creatures constantly ate while they worked, and they responded well to the handler's commands. The 46 year old female we rode picked up a deer antler on command and often had her baby and an adopted baby in tow. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Mid-morning we took a second jeep safari. Again, the park throughout its range is spectacular. We were amazed by the variety of wildlife and the frequent animal sightings.

We then travelled to Jorhat, Assam, to Manju Mahi's place (Ishani's aunt, her mom's younger sister), where we stayed overnight. Hospitality & kindness in person.

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